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Project Description
Organize your SharePoint document libraries by moving documents using jQuery Multi-Select Drag&Drop (MSDD) functionality.
The goal of this project is to provide SharePoint users a better&faster UI experience when they organize files and folders in document libraries.

Technology Used
jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, FrontPage RPC, SharePoint

Supported Actions:
Move Documents
Delete Documents

Move Single Document

To move a document into a folder in a SharePoint document library, simply just drag and drop the document icon onto a folder icon.


Document has been moved to that folder.
Note that, Versioning and Metadata is preserved as well.

Move Multiple Documents

Move to Folder

In case you want to move multiple documents, you can select them by drawing a rectangle box as seen below.
Selected documents will be highlighted as you draw the box.

When you drag selected documents over a folder, destination folder will be highlighted with dashed lines informing user that it's an acceptable dropoff location.

Move to Document Library

Alternatively, you can move selected documents to any document library listed in quick launch menu. Once you drag selected documents over a library, similar to folders, library links will be highlighted as well as shown below.
multiselect1.jpg =====> DropToDocLib.jpg

Move to Parent Folder / Sub Folders

You can also move documents to any sub folder or parent folder in a document library. In order to do so, simply drag selected documents to any sub folder breadcrumb link as seen below.


Move Folders

Just like files, you can also move folders into other folders or libraries. This will help you to organize your content faster and more efficiently.

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